About Farm to Wreath


Sarah here! Just wanted to introduce myself a little bit! I've been living on a farm almost my entire life and have LOVED getting to work in my garden and see what I can grow. When I was around 7 years old my grandma and I would cut flowers out of her garden to sell at the local farmers market. Watching her get up early, prep the flowers, and take them down to the market was intriguing. I loved getting to work along side her and learn the different ways to put flowers together by color, textures, and size. People would come and love to see her put them together right there at the farmers market. Sometimes she would even make custom bouquets if the customer needed a specific design. With this knowledge of floral arranging I took that and went on to work in various greenhouse nurseries and began to formulate ideas on how I could work with my hands while making a living. This stemmed many ideas, some that worked and some that didn't. I've taken the ideas that didn't work to figure out what does work for me.  Over the years I finally came up with the idea of bring what grows on the farm to create a wreath. Hence the name, Farm to Wreath. With that said, not everything that I want to grow on the farm can grow on the farm. Bringing in a few items to mix in with the farm grown pieces has added another creative element, which I really do think you will like.  Thanks for taking the time to read this little About Me section! I look forward to having you join me for this fun new idea that I'm going forward with! :-)